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Hello and first of all thanks for visiting my website! In this part of it you can learn a bit more about me, Maudiej.

My full name is actually Maud Beurskens. I was born in the year of 1989 in Venlo, where I am currently still living and working as a freelance illustrator. In 2012 I graduated from AKV | St. Joost in Breda and currently I am trying to find my way in the wonderful world that’s design and illustration! Because of my affinity with cheerful and colorful looking characters and images I discovered during my education that my work mainly focuses on children and young adults. This affinity is now the main theme in my own designs as well. My illustrations also distinguish themselves by combining both traditional and digital tools to create interesting and eye catching illustrations which can amuse the viewer. They are what you can call an explosion of all kinds of disciplines and colors that come together in one interesting image through the concept or funny story behind it!

As an illustrator I am on the hunt for appealing and challenging freelance or collabortion projects for publishers and advertising agencies, but also for individuals who’d like to see their creative ideas translated to an eye catching design! My interests lie mainly in designing characters for games and childrens books which can amuse and at the same time also teach children or young adults a thing or two, but I am also open for other projects that catch people’s imagination!

So don’t be afraid to contact me if you have an idea in mind that you’d like to see visualized or if you just want to chat a little bit more about me and my illustrations!


[2014] Ladies Night, Interchalet, Horst
[2014] Hallyucon, Meervaart Amsterdam
[2014] Bibliotheek Venlo & Boekhandel Koops, Venlo
[2014] Ouverture, Venlo
[2014] Secret Artwork, Breda & Den Bosch
[2014] Tea & Biscuits @ Milk & Cookies, Venlo
[2012] Graduation Exhibition, AKV|St. Joost, Breda
[2011] Explositie, Electron, Breda

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KvK-nummer: 56464061