• Milk & Cookies

    Milk & Cookies

    These Illustrations were made to show an impression of my favorite café in Venlo. In my opinion it has a very welcoming and cosy atmosphere to it, whether it being in spring, summer, autumn or winter and as an illustrator I love to go there and sketch a bit while drinking my favorite coffee and eating one of their fine pasteries. It’s a series of 6 Illustrations which will be exhibited at the end of December 2013 in Milk & Cookies itself!

    Done in pencils, photoshop and SAI paint tool.

  • Eat Your Kimchi

    Eat Your Kimchi

    Character designs made for my favorite Youtube heroes: Eat Your Kimchi! Their wish was to design four different characters and give them five different expressions, respectivily: happy, angry, sad, shocked & begging. These designs will function as an addition to their Youtube videos in able to express their own expressions in a funny and illustrative matter!

    The designs are digitally colored in SAI paint tool and the line art was done in Adobe Illustrator.

  • Illustration Friday

    Illustration Friday

    These illustrations are all submissions for Illustration Friday ! Illustration Friday gives you a new subject to draw something about every Friday of the week, giving you a week time to finish the illustration! It’s a nice initiative for both Illustrators and hobbyists to express their own creative thoughts.

    Up until now the subjects I have illustrated are: wheel, storm, wool, whisper and talent.
    More to come!

  • Shining Day

    Shining Day

    This project started with just one drawing, inspired by the upcoming Spring days. I wanted to draw an innocent (rabbit like) character enjoying the spring sun with some good food, but eventually I ended up with a series of these small characters, all enjoying their sunny day in their own way.

    This project was done in Sai Paint Tool and edited in Photoshop.

  • Heavenly Healthy

    Heavenly Healthy

    A set of businesscards and giftcards designed and made for the new massage parlour of Nicoline Voskuilen. She wanted the cards to breath calmness and represent her idea of the massage parlour; heavenly relaxation. Done in mainly paint, pencils and photoshop.

  • Editorial Illustrations

    Editorial Illustrations

    A series of illustrations I’ve made during my third year at the art academy. The first set is for an essay about Schopenhauer and his theories, a heavy article to illustrate. I decided to try and explain how Schopenhauer himself felt when he was still alive in the cover design, and in the two following I choose to explain how the people thought about him after he died and what he meant with his theories. The last illustration is a cover design for the VPRO magazine. “Ode aan het papier” was the title, which means “Ode to paper”. Tools used: pencils, paint, paper.

  • Reis door het Rotterdam van 1940

    Reis door het Rotterdam van 1940

    Reis door het Rotterdam van 1940 (Journey through Rotterdam of 1940); is my graduation project for the art academy AKV | St. Joost. In this project I decided to make an application for either an Ipad or tablet, in which the user can make a virtual journey through Rotterdam before the bombing of 1940. It’s designed to educate not only kids but also their parents, guiding them through the events by a character named Dirk and some interesting animations. The combination of those make this app an interesting but educational journey through one of the biggest and historical cities of the Netherlands.

  • Next Nature Pets

    Next Nature Pets

    Graduation Project for AKV | St. Joost. These illustrations are designed for a magazine based of the Next Nature Power show, which is held in the Netherlands every year. This magazine educates children around the age of ten what the ancestors were of our current pets in a fun but educative way. By solving puzzles and other small tasks the children learn more and more about pets and their past, but along the way they also discover that we, as humans, might be going a little overboard with ‘humanizing’ these animals.

  • Dichtertje, de uitvreters, titaantje en mene tekel

    Dichtertje, de uitvreters, titaantje en mene tekel

    Cover designer for Nescio’s novel: Dichterje, de uitvreters, titaantje & mene tekel. Thanks to a contest organized by the publisher Nijgh & van Ditmar our class was able to make ten designers for ten novels picked out by the publisher. Eventually my design got chosen as one of the winners, causing it to be published in stores in August of this year. The design breathes the atmosphere of the novels written by Nescio and shows a simple and calm representation in counterweight of the grave stories told in the novel.

  • Een Draak van een Vrouw

    Een Draak van een Vrouw

    Cixi; the Dragon Empress. These illustrations show the life of China’s first empress, a women who lead the country with passion, but also a women who eventually passed away leaving a dark past behind. This booklet was originally an assignment during my graduation year at the art academy and is made with a combination of paint, color pencils, photographs and photoshop.

  • De Prinses, de Graaf & de Handschoen

    De Prinses, de Graaf & de Handschoen

    A set of Illustrations made for the children’s book: ‘De Prinses, de Graaf & de Handschoen’ (The Princess, the Count & the Glove). This was one of my assignments given to me by the Illustrator Thé Tjong-Khing. He is the original illustrator who made the illustrations for the book, I was asked to do a remake of my own; the result were these illustrations, made in paint & color pencils.

  • From the Past to the Present

    From the Past to the Present

    In 2010, during my second year on the Art Academy there was a contest organized by the FiComic comic book convention in which our class was able to participate. The students were able to choose between three categories; I choose ‘From the past to the present’. With this information I decided to draw a story of an old man who reflects on his past, rediscovering a fact that was perhaps better left undiscovered.